lundi 26 janvier 2015

Marcher sur les mosaïques du Petit Palais un dimanche après-midi...


vendredi 23 janvier 2015

February 2015, AD Russia, editorial

People working in AD have a special outlook on events in the world : we sincerely believe that it is much better than it looks on TV news programs. When this issue was going to print Russia was consumed by financial panic and exchange rate rumors, yet all the while we were cheerfully answering letters from designers telling us about new completed projects and planning new shoots for spring.

One of the reasons for this calm attitude is the fact that during most acute crises people would rather spend money on their homes than on less solid goods : it is psychologically easier to invest  into the new kitchen than it is into a new fur-coat. And while the kitchen is produced somewhere in Italy for the next six months or so, the crisis might pass altogether or at least calm down.

Another reason why people in the interior design profession panic less is that designers are very inventive folk. Their brains are trained to offer witty and inventive solutions where expensive ones are impossible. The best example could be found in the design of small spaces -our february issue is traditionally dedicated to this topic. Simplicity and wit with which our projects are done show clearly : there is no need to limit your creative imagination, even if your space is limited to 35 square meters. Likewise, there is no reason to panic if a piece of paper that used to be exchanged at the 1:35 rate against other pieces of paper now rates at 1:65. Rational diet and exercices are good for our body. Designing small spaces is diet and exercice for our brains.

So let’s get fit together.

Eugenia Mikulina

Eugenia Mikulina is the editor in chief of AD Russia (Architectural Digest).
She has regularly shown my projects in her magazine and it is always a great pleasure to read her editorials. Although we never met, I feel close to her sensitive vision of the world and it is an honor to collaborate to her magazine for this very special reason.

Many thanks to Ian Phillips and Stephan Julliard who permitted this encounter and contributed to Alain's flat round-the-world trip.


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dimanche 11 janvier 2015

Solidarité by Ana Juan

vendredi 9 janvier 2015

Pour commencer l'année 2015, shooting chez Catherine pour Côté Paris : le fidèle Jean-Marc Palisse ajuste son objectif pour capter quelques belles images de Catherine dans son mini-palace.